Living in the city center or near to the city could not be so lucky for you as you can’t plant so many plants and flowers out there as you only have a limited space to do it. You could only have a tiny area for you to continue with your hobby which is growing some flowers or even a small vegetable garden where you can pick your fresh vegetables. When you have a bigger garden that would mean to have a lot of things to consider. The daily and monthly maintenance should be considered and the Deray paving in order for you to have your own pathway to walk. Don’t be so worried about getting a smaller part for your garden as you can make it looking bigger and better without worrying the area of the space that you have in your house.  


  1. If you are thinking of how you are going to have some furniture and stuff around the small garden of yours. Then, you may choose those tiny kinds of furniture and tables and chairs. It would also be a great idea to use those things that you can fold in order to save more space whenever you don’t need them. For example, if you have a visitor and you wanted him or her to bring in your mini garden. Then, you can unfold those chair and tables and sit there.  
  2. If you want to make a little illusion to the eyes of your visitors when it comes to your plants and flowers. You have to choose the one with different colors and you have to make sure that they have bigger flowers when they bloomed. In this way, it would occupy more spaces and will play a trick that it is full of flowers around.  
  3. Put in your mind that you can’t have the plants which can occupy too much spaces. They would not look good in your place if you have a small area. If you really like them to have then you need to make sure the you always trim them so that they won’t overlap to others plants.  
  4. If you have a wall on your garden. Then you can make use of it so that it would look even nicer and big as well. You can put hanging plants on the wall or have a special pot that sticks on the wall. You can plant smaller flowering plants with different colors. It would look even nicer if you can make your own design and variations in arranging the pots on the wall.  
  5. You can also have some vines kinds of plants. They can cover the entire space of your wall. Make sure that you will pay attention to it so that it won’t grow the way you don’t like.  
  6. Don’t use bigger statues or designs to your tiny garden. It would be better to choose the one that can cater the space of your garden. Too much decoration would not make it look bigger but crowded.